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Research Chair in Optimal Professional Practices
in Primary Care

The data generated by our projects is used to improve patient care
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We are recruiting for the project 
Analysis of the professional trajectories of nurses during the health crisis: For strategies aimed at optimizing their retention and the quality of care

Since the beginning of the pandemic, rates of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress are from1.3 to 8 times higher at the nursing staff than in the general population.


Our team is interested in the professional trajectories taken by these people during this period (leaving or returning to the network, change of position, etc.) in order to better understand the coping strategies used and which should be put in place to promote well-being and retentioncare teams.


We are also looking to join people who have left the nursing profession and those retirees who have rejoined the network. Do you know any? Thank you for sharing this study with them.


Want to participate? Complete the questionnaire online at:

MES-Universities scholarship: A triple recognition totaling $105,837 for students of the Chair

The committee of the Ministry of Higher Education (MES) as well as the nine Quebec universities that offer training in nursing sciences (Laval University, McGill University, University of Montreal, University of Sherbrooke, UQAC, UQAR, UQAT, UQTR and UQO) accepted the applications of Jessica Bernier, Marie-Josee Emond and Meriem Sid Mohand for granting a doctoral scholarship, for a total of $105,837!


This competition aims to train the nursing student professor.


Congratulations to you three! The quality of your work and your rigor make a difference in the advancement of nursing practice!

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A doctoral scholarship of $57,000
for Marie-Josée Emond!

Marie-Josée Emond is the recipient of a $57,000 scholarship from Excellence scholarship program from the University of Sherbrooke for hes doctoral studies!

A good way to get her project “Description of the professional practice of nurses working in community pharmacy in Quebec” off on the right foot.

The nature of their work in pharmacy is indeed little known and supervised. Marie-Josée will bring valuable knowledge for the development of this type of practice.

Congratulation for your rigorous work and this great reward!

Our team is recruiting
for the international OECD PaRIS study!

We are looking for between 5 and 7 family doctors(regardless of the type of clinic) to participate in the international OECD PaRIS study on the identification of indicators reported by patients used to measure their experience of care/state of health (PREMs and PROMs)!

The data collected will allow improved access to services, quality of care and support culture change on the importance of the patient's perspective in the modulation of frontline health care and services.


We invite you to consult the infographic opposite or the page of projects available for participation for more information!

Thank you for your precious collaboration!

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Couverture Rapport PREMs PROMs.png

New environmental scan report
on PREMs and PROMs

In the fall of 2021, the Learning Health System Support Unit (SSA) of Quebec entrusted our team with the mandate to carry out an environmental scan (study to identify practices). This focused on the current state of knowledge and use of measures of health status and experience of self-reported care by patients (PREMs and PROMs) in professional organizations as well as in organizations representing patients in Quebec. 


Here are 2 of our findings:

- The use of PROMs and PREMs to optimize routine care is unknown to most professional organizations and patient organizations.

- The integration of PREMs through validated questionnaires is a practice completely absent within the participating professional organizations. 


New release!

The urban Aboriginal population with chronic conditions is growing.


We have carried out a scoping review of culturally safe interventions to be deployed as well as strategies to integrate the perception of Aboriginal patients into the improvement of front-line care!


The article, which is a great collaboration with Kate Bacon and Amanda Canapé, (members of the former Saguenay Native Friendship Center), is available in English:

Link to article 

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FRQS scholarships: two interns
post-docs rewarded!

Congratulations to Pierre-Henri Roux-Levy, family doctor and doctoral graduate, and Véronique Lowry, doctoral student in rehabilitation sciences, who were each awarded a FRQS post-doctoral fellowship of $90,000 over two year!

We will soon have the privilege of welcoming them both to the team as part of post-doctoral internships!

Vanessa wins the award for best poster publication at the annual Réseau-1 Québec Day!

Affiche résultats trousse.png

Vanessa was awarded an award for thebest presentationfor his narrated poster presenting the results of the project “Training toolkit to better support shared decision-making” during the annual Réseau-1 Québec Day!


The objectives of this training are to:

  1. Distinguish the concepts associated with decision-making coaching​

  2. ​Understanding why it is important to promote ​shared decision-making_d04a07d8-9cd1-3239-9149-20813b_d6c673

  3. Know how to adapt your interventions and use the tools ​ effectively

The talent and work of students recognized for the benefit of research!

Several students of the team have been awarded scholarships and scholarships to continue their academic career or carry out their projects!


This spring, it's a total of more than $215,000 which has been collected for the advancement of research.


Congratulations to everyone!

Visit ourfacebook news feedin order to know the details of each of the recognitions!

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Micro Balado.png
Découvrez le premier balado de la Chaire!

Yves Couturier, PhD. TS et Marie-Eve Poitras, PhD. inf. cochercheurs responsables du projet F2PL se sont entretenus sur les facilitants, les barrières et la valeur ajoutée de la collaboration interprofessionnelle. 

Bonne écoute!

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The Chair sets up Caféchanges!

The team set up meetings with people with chronic illnesses in order to gain experience when using health services. Through these quarterly meetings, the team knows what is happening in the field from the perspective of the patients. Research hypotheses are then identified. We also validate certain results with the group.

About Us




Doctoral students

Masters students

Post-doctoral fellow



The team is led by Prof. Marie-Eve Poitras,  registered nurse  by training and researcher in the department of Family and Emergency medicine at the University of Sherbrooke. We are located on the delocalized campus of the University of Sherbrooke in Saguenay. Research programming is supported by a framework that structures primary care, approaches it creatively through interprofessional, patient / knowledge user-centered research and effective knowledge transfer.

Our logo

The whole logo suggests a lotus, for which the Victorian meaning is eloquence. The eloquence which by definition refers to "The art of expressing oneself well"  and "The character of what is expressive, significant, convincing".

The lotus is a delicate flower with many petals arranged in layers (representing health professionals, researchers, decision makers, etc.) around a central core: the patient.


The color: We wanted to stand out and choose an original color that is not used by other teams similar to ours or by well-known healthcare organizations.


It was designed by @Roche Papier Latté !

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Our partners

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