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Our vision

Becoming the benchmark in enhancing patient-centered professional practices in primary care

Équipe de recherche

Marie-Eve Poitras

A registered nurse by training and professor-researcher in the department of Emergency medicine and family medicine at the University of Sherbrooke. Marie-Eve practiced as a nurse in a family medicine group for a few years before doing her doctoral training. She has a postdoctoral fellowship in knowledge transfer and integrates patient partnerships into her projects.

Marie-Eve is an empathetic, generous and creative person. She is the mother of three girls. She likes to meet people and do different activities that promote health and well-being.


Vanessa T Vaillancourt

A biologist by training, Vanessa is the team coordinator. She has a master's degree in experimental medicine (genetics) and has held coordination functions for the past ten years. She participates in drafting grant applications and scientific articles, ensures the proper functioning of the team and carries out several projects.

Vanessa is organized, curious, attentive to listening and often makes us laugh. Outside of her job, she is a mom of two, plays dek hockey as a winger and is a contributor for a blog on motherhood. In her circle of friends, Vanessa is the one who organizes the parties!


Amélie Fournier

A graphic designer who graduated from Cégep de Sainte-Foy, Amélie discovered nursing through the role of caregiver. She graduated from college in nursing and is currently doing her bachelor's degree in health sciences. She worked for five years on the cardiology and cardiac, vascular and thoracic surgery unit and is now in charge of the graphic signature of our projects.

Curious, sparkling and unpredictable, Amélie loves words, colours and textures. She might be a fan of "cocooning," she is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone. She is passionate about design, health and people. She has had her graphic design firm for the past seven years.



Cloé has a bachelor's degree in social work and worked as a social worker for three years in the Health and Social Services Network. She discovered research during her studies while working as an auxiliary. She now works as a research professional and collaborates mainly on projects related to training and primary care.

Cloé is a very social, empathetic and determined person. She is passionate about sports which include animals, such as horseback riding and canine draft sports. She has three dogs with whom she competes on the provincial circuit in canicross, bikejoëring and skijoëring.



Mireille holds a master's degree in Biomedical Sciences and has worked in research, mainly hemato-oncology. She has been teaching immunology-hematology at the university for several years. As a research professional,
she works on projects focused on improving patient care and culturally safe practices. 

Mireille is a sociable and dynamic person who invests wholeheartedly in her projects. She has returned to her native region to establish her family and has two rambunctious one-year-old cats! She likes crime novels, group dance lessons and action movies. 

Deom Tardif

Alèxe holds a master's degree in public health. She discovered the multiple dimensions of research during her studies in neuroscience. She now works as a research professional and collaborates mainly on projects related to training and patient engagement. 



Alèxe is a curious, empathetic and adventurous person. She is passionate about outdoor expeditions like paddle boarding around Lac St-Jean. Her latest adventure was to go by bus (which she transformed into an RV) to pick up her dog Rio in Mexico.




Jessica Bernier


Doctoral student

Primary care cardiac rehabilitation program and remote settings


Andréanne Bernier


Doctoral student

Front-line chronic disease management and the role of the nurse


Anaelle Morin


PhD student

Integration of patient-centred care in the practice of FMG nurses

Marie-Josée Emond


Master's student

Creation of a decision support tool: Better support decision-making in couples with Type 1 myotonic dystrophy at

ME Perron NB.png

Marie-Eve Perron


Master's student

Shared decision-making in a program context case management of large users: a pilot study for the implementation of a decision support tool


Patricia Blanchette


Doctoral student

Training in the evaluation of trainees in context interprofessional: a qualitative descriptive study

Karine Robitaille_edited.jpg

Karine Robitaille


Master's student

The acquisition and maintenance of crisis resource management knowledge among nurses in emergency settings via high-fidelity on-site simulation: a unique case study


Marie-Helene Baron


Master's student

Early integration of palliative care: tools to promote proximity between oncologists and primary care physicians in patients diagnosed with advanced cancers

Monica McGraw_edited.jpg

Monica McGraw


PhD student

The experience and operationalization of interprofessional collaboration in telehealth in primary care during the

COVID-19: A Perspective from Professionals and Patients with Chronic Diseases

Meriem Sid MohandNB.png

Meriem Sid Mohand


PhD student

The professionalization process of nurses specialized practitioners in Quebec

Lunettes sur cahier à spirale

Pierre-Henri Roux-Levy


Postdoctoral student

Use of mobile health app in monitoring of patients with multimorbidity through a better understanding of indicators

of success and the implementation process

Veronique LowryNB.png

Veronique Lowry


Postdoctoral student

Strategies for Improving Physical Activity Behaviors at the Frontline of Care in Adults Living with Chronic Conditions

Nathalie Alglave.png

Nathalie Alglave

Postdoctoral student

Collaboration on patient-oriented research and

public in the French health system


Patients partners


Marie-Dominique Poirier


Marie-Dominique has been a music teacher for over 25 years. She mentions: "Life has made me branch out little by little towards a new skill, that of being a patient... from there came my involvement as a patient-resource, patient-trainer, patient coach and now patient-researcher." For her, development of experiential knowledge and self-management development are her primary research goals.


Karina Prévost

Karina has worked for nearly ten years in public relations and communications. Although she has navigated the health system all her life and has long been a partner in her care, since she received her bi-lung transplant in 2015, she has been actively involved as a patient partner. In research, she is proud to be able to make herself useful and to share her vast experiential knowledge of life with the disease. Born in Montreal, she participated in several research projects at the CHUM and has been the provincial director of  L'Association canadienne des greffés du Québec.  In her spare time, she greatly enjoys downhill skiing and travelling.

Escoude animale

Animal squad

Because our furry or feathered companions contribute to our happiness and are also cherished team members!


Sir Olaf

Physical educator. Expert consultant in balancing work-family-break time for walking. He loves hugs!


Ardeur, Pétale and Croquette

The three red-haired (and not Russian) singers.
With them, smiles are guaranteed. 

MDO Stella Rose.png


Stella is mischievous, playful, energetic and sticky. A perfect little girl!

MicrosoftTeams-image (7).png

Lux F. Pineault

  This dog's mule-headedness is matched only by his epicurean flair.

Pabst Beaulieu.jpg


Expert in the art of running away and doing what he wants when he wants!

Sol et Tundra Beaulieu.jpg

Sol and Tundra Beaulieu

Professional sportswomen

Former team members

  • Daniel-Constantin Manolescu, post-doctoral student (2022-23)

  • Andrée-Ann Rivard, master's student (2022)

  • Véronique Dauwe, master's student (2018-22)

  • Caroline Cormier, research professional (2020-22)

  • Jacques Ouellet, research professional (2021-22)

  • Emmanuelle Doucet, research professional (2019-2020) 

  • Gilles Gauthier, patient-partner (2018-2021)

  • Megan L. Oswick, summer Intern (2021)

  • Audrey Gendron, summer intern (2021)

  • Anaëlle Morin, intern, (spring 2021)

  • Megan Pépin, summer intern (2020)

  • Noémie Bouchard, summer intern (2020)

  • Isabelle Godbout, research professional (2018-2019)

  • Ariane Girard, master's student (2014-2016)

Anciens membres de l'équipe
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