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The patient partnership
at the Chair 
The workshops of 
At the Chair, the patient is at the center of our priorities. We recognize that their experience in the health care system is indispensable for the advancement and relevance of projects related to improving professional practices.


With this in mind, we have set up the Chair's "Caf'échange" workshops, meetings where we bring together members of the research team and people with chronic diseases who are significant users of primary care services. Various current health issues are discussed, but above all, their experience in navigating the health care system, whether it be the organization of the care they receive or the interdisciplinary team's approach. From these rich discussions emerge issues and inspirations for future research projects.


Below are infographics summarizing the key points that emerged from the first two activities.


For more information, please contact Anaëlle Morin, the research officer in charge of the workshops.

I want to share my vision and experiential knowledge of what it is like to live with an illness or support someone as a caregiver; how do I get involved?


You are a person living with one or more chronic diseases or a caregiver, and you want to get involved in research and share your experience in the health network?


We invite you to consult
recruitment infographic
for more information!

Become a patient partner

Thank you for contributing to the research and improving the health system!
Infographics of key points from previous workshops
(Please click on the infographic to view it in high resolution)

November 2021

Cafechange_NuageMotsNov2021_Plan de travail 1 copie.png

June 2022

Cafechange_NuageMotsJuin2022_Plan de travail 1 copie.png

December 2022

Caféchange 3.png
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