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Patient-Reported indicators Survey (PaRIS) for

Patients with Chronic Conditions

provincial principal investigators

Marie-Eve Poitras,

Magaly Brodeur,

Sylvie Lambert, Diana Zidarov, Regina Vesca, Jeannie Haggerty, Maude Laberge, Nadia Sourial, Sara Ahmed


$ 28,750

Réseau-1 Québec

$ 10,000

Fondation de ma vie

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study setting

18 participating countries

(including Canada)

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

25 Canadian medical clinics (pilot project)


Quality of care, patient experience, PREMs, PROMS

Environmental Scan: The use of patient-reported experience and outcomes (PREMs and PROMs) 
at the organisms of professionals and of patients




The relevance of data on the experience of care and the perception of the state of health (PREMs and PROMs) of patients is indisputable. This data is measurable and should be integrated into the learning health system to inform decisions. 


Several research teams and organizations are already interested in the integration of PREMs/PROMs in clinical practice and by the various institutional levels, but the way in which they will really be integrated by professionals and patients remains unknown. How is the integration of PROMs/PREMs in their future strategic development planned and how will training in the integration of PROMs/PREMs be promoted? What support will be offered to patients in order to adopt targeted behaviors in their self-management based on their PROMs/PREMs?


As these questions remain unanswered, our project, by considering the current state of the PROMs/PREMs situation by the organizations, will make it possible to consider their perspectives in future PROMs/PREMs integration initiatives and thus support the learning health system. . 

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To learn more about these indicators, watch our science

capsules here!

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What are our goals?

1) Describe the current state of integration of PROMs and PREMs by organizations governing the practices of Quebec health and social services professionals


2) Describe how patient organizations, in the Quebec context, want to use PROMs and PREMs to promote decision-making and self-management of their health condition._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

How did we proceed?

An environmental scan (practice mapping study) was carried out in order to know the current state of knowledge and use of measures of health status and experience of care self-reported by patients. (PREMs and PROMs) in professional organizations as well as in organizations representing patients in Quebec. 

The use of PROMs and 
PREMs to optimize routine care are unknown to most professional organizations
and organizations
of patients.



What results did we get?

The ultimate goal of this project is to contribute to the establishment of a learning health system that considers the perspective of organizations representing professionals and patients through a better understanding of the current state and thought patterns of the two main actors. of the Quebec health system. We also aim to create a bridge of partnership with organizations representing professionals and patients supporting the development of professional practices or patient behaviors, with regard to the integration PREMs/ PROMs from a healthy and optimal change management perspective. 

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New environmental scan report
on PREMs and PROMs

À l’automne 2021, l’Unité de soutien au système
de santé apprenant (SSA) Québec 
a confié le mandat à notre équipe de réaliser ce scan environ-nemental (étude de repérage des pratiques).

Unité SSA Logo Slogan.png

In the fall of 2021, the Learning Health System Support Unit (SSA) in Quebec mandated our team to carry out this environmental scan (practice identification study). 


Here are 2 of our findings:

  • The use of PROMs and PREMs to optimize routine care is unknown to most professional and patient organizations.

  • The integration of PREMs through validated questionnaires is a practice completely absent within the participating professional organizations. 


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