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International study
OECD Paris
(See the project page)

Indicateurs de santé rapportés par les patients

Are you a doctor in a medical clinic or FMG? 


Our team is looking for 5-7 family doctors (regardless of the type of clinic) to participate in the international OECD PaRIS study on identifying patient-reported indicators used to measure their experience of care/health status (PREMs and PROMs )!

The data collected will improve access to services, quality of care and support culture change about the importance of patient perspective in the modulation of front-line health care and services.

We invite you to consult the infographic at the link
below for more information!

Thank you for your precious collaboration!

Professional trajectories of nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic
(See the project page)

Pandémie et infirmières

You are part of the nursing staff, and the pandemic affected your professional career?

We want to know more!


Since the start of the pandemic, rates of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress have been 1.3 to 8 times higher among nurses than in the general population.

Our team is interested in the professional trajectories taken by these people during this period (leaving or returning to the network, change of position, etc.) to understand the coping strategies used and which should be implemented to promote the well-being and retention of care teams.


We are also looking to join the people who have left the nursing profession and retirees who have rejoined the network. Do you know any? Thank you for sharing this study with them.


Please refer to the infographic below or contact the team for more information!


Want to participate? Complete the questionnaire online at:

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