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Chair students on the road again for NAPCRG 2023!

It's a good thing Anaëlle and Marie-Eve don't get motion sickness because barely a week after they visited Montreal to receive a Hippocrates award, they went to San Francisco for the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) Congress! This time, they were accompanied by Véronique Lowry.

The NAPCRG is the world's largest primary care research conference. It brings together members worldwide from research, clinical, academic and community settings.

Véronique participated in the poster session with her postdoctoral project protocol, "Patient journey mapping for developing strategies to implement physical activity in adults with chronic diseases," and gave two presentations on her latest doctoral findings: "Patients' expectations and experiences with primary care management of shoulder pain: A qualitative study" and "Development of a multi-component intervention to improve the management of shoulder pain in primary care."

Anaëlle presented her master's results: "The Impact of Patients as Trainers on Registered Nurses' Patient Engagement in Primary Care Clinics: a Qualitative Study."

Marie-Eve presented her master's protocol, "Shared decision making with users with complex care needs: A scoping review."

The conference allowed them to broaden their knowledge of primary care and develop their network, which we're sure will prove invaluable in advancing their work!


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