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Our team wins FRQS vulgarization contest!

Pierre-Henri Roux-Levy, postdoctoral fellow, and Marie-Eve Perron, master's graduate student (Université de Sherbrooke) won first prize in the Fonds de recherche du Québec en santé's infographic competition on health data-driven research, presented as part of Acfas.

Their infographic “C't'une fois un PREMs” describes how the patient experience supports improvements in the organization and quality of care offered in family medicine clinics. It follows the journey taken by the data, from the development of the research project to its concrete use by clinical teams.

The infographic was created in collaboration with Amélie Fournier, Vanessa T Vaillancourt, Marie-Eve Poitras and patient partner Marie-Dominique Poirier, patiente partenaire!

The competition was open to students and postdoctoral fellows from across Quebec.


Click on the infographic to access the high-resolution version!

The team reminds you and thanks you for respecting intellectual property and author attribution in the event of distribution.


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