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Marie-Eve Poitras lends her voice to Journal La Tribune and Radio-Canada!

Updated: 5 days ago

Sherbrooke's La Tribune newspaper spoke to Pre Marie-Eve Poitras to learn more about the initiative funded as part of the Health Care Unburdened Grant program supported by the Canadian Medical Association in collaboration with Scotiabank and MD Financial Management, who are committed to driving  change.

"We want to help them think more clearly about how services are organized. We know that teams are overstretched when it comes to patient care, and we want to use the data reported by patients, i.e., on their health and their experience so that professionals can see how to improve their practices." - Marie-Eve Poitras

Pre Marie-Eve Poitras (left) and Marie-Dominique Poirier, patient partner and collaborator of the subsidized initiative for Health Care Unburdened for family physicians. Photo credit: Amélie Fournier

Dr. Benoît Heppell, a family physician in Sherbrooke, sees this project as a positive thing for him and his colleagues:

"The patient's point of view is essential, as they are a vital partner in the healthcare network. We have to listen to them because we don't always know their struggles: it isn't straightforward for people to understand the intricacies of the network. They would benefit from being listened to more. - Dr Benoît Heppell

The announcement also attracted the attention of Radio-Canada, which conducted a telephone interview with Marie-Eve to discuss the potential spin-offs and the means of bringing the initiative to fruition.

We invite you to read and listen to both interviews

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Discover two new interviews conducted in July 2024

in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean media!

“We're going to develop a platform for collecting self-reported data from patients, and then the clinics we work with, so family doctors and healthcare professionals, will be able to use the platform where patients at their clinic will have completed the questionnaire. They can use the patient data to think about a better service offering in their clinic.”


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