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The Chair team visits Newfoundland for a crucial summit to the future of primary care in Canada.

Team members were in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), Canada, in february to attend a summit organized by Team Primary Care.

The event aimed to bring together local, national and international key players from various primary care sectors to collaborate and collectively develop a consensus document detailing a national plan to enhance the registered nurse (RN) role.

Patient partners from several Canadian provinces also participated in the summit, sharing their perspectives and collaborating with the present players. With the common goal of transforming primary care in Canada, attendees were able to attend conferences, discuss, network and participate in workshops on topics such as nurse retention in primary care, integrating primary care into nursing curricula, post-curricular professional development, interprofessional collaboration in primary care and optimizing primary care nursing practice.

The various workshops and discussions at the summit will be used to draw up a detailed report summarizing the conference's deliberations. The document will be published in the coming months and will provide:
  • Insights into the current state of primary nursing in Canada, focusing on NL.

  • A synthesis of key points, best practices and recommendations discussed at the event

  • A roadmap of next steps to guide the optimization of the RN's role in primary care, contributing to the overall improvement of the Canadian healthcare system.


The publication of this document will help guide the future of nursing practice in primary care. The information contained in the document can be used in research, continuous quality improvement, management, clinical practice and, ultimately, government.


We are confident that this meeting, emphasizing collaboration and innovation for the benefit of healthcare professionals and the communities they serve, will have a crucial impact on the future of primary care in Canada.

We invite you to visit the carousel to view photos of the event!

Photos credits : Rich Blenkinsopp and Mireille Guérin


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